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FNAF the Missing 5th Child.ch5
Chapter 5- the Androids
(Fourth Child's p.o.v)
The sun rays burned him from the inside, even if he was just a shadowy shell of his former self, he felt it was like walking into an oven after how long he had been stuck inside of the building that is his home. But he knows that he has to suffer for a little while, if it meant being with her again after all of this time. After when she destroyed their bodies while she was in her rampage, she didn't bother to notice that his shadow form was holding onto her while she calmed down at the sight of her friends, the boy Cooper whom he wanted dead because of how close he seemed to be to her and the other one Ken who managed to surprise him by coming back to life from his little coma he did. The Fourth Child grumbled to himself in his thoughts that he should have seen that from a mile away when he took possession of Vixey to kill him. But there will always be another time when he can make sure that his prey will stay dead.
He felt a bit drowsy fr
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Mature content
FNAW Yoshi :iconlovely-girl-10:Lovely-Girl-10 0 0
FNAF OC Vixey Schmidt by Lovely-Girl-10 FNAF OC Vixey Schmidt :iconlovely-girl-10:Lovely-Girl-10 4 0 Phsyco Mason 2017 by Lovely-Girl-10 Phsyco Mason 2017 :iconlovely-girl-10:Lovely-Girl-10 3 0
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The Killer Duo.ch14 :iconlovely-girl-10:Lovely-Girl-10 0 0
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Fnaf: The Missing 5th Child ch.4 :iconlovely-girl-10:Lovely-Girl-10 0 0
Mature content
Sailor Amazons ch.3 :iconlovely-girl-10:Lovely-Girl-10 3 6
My Bad Boy-Ch.19
Chapter 19- Farewell EXE
The dead grass crunched underneath Sonic's shoes as he walks along the side of the bloody river he and Amy are strolling by. He couldn't even believe that EXE did this to them by taking them to his world. Sonic suspected that with the change of scenery EXE would stand a better chance of defeating him. He also dreaded over the fact that if by chance that EXE would win in killing him, he would go after Amy and make her his once again. The images of Amy when she was brainwashed, and her kissing EXE willingly, began to make him sick to his stomach. Amy on the other hand was beginning to be concerned over whether she and Sonic are going on the right path to find the mysterious CEAS beings.
Amy decided to brake the ice. "Why do you think he is doing this to us Sonic? What is there for EXE to gain from all of this destruction?"
"I thought of that question for a long time Amy." Sonic said, dreading over telling her the truth. "It is not because he is power hungry, in f
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Amazoness Scouts extra 2 by Lovely-Girl-10 Amazoness Scouts extra 2 :iconlovely-girl-10:Lovely-Girl-10 14 16
Sailor Amazons.ch2
Chapter 2- Darien goes to the circus
Darien was studying his history homework about the Russian Revolution to keep his thoughts away from what had happened this morning. He went to Serena's house to pick her up for school, but from what he heard from Luna, Artemis, and Diana, she has not been seen since last night, neither has Rini. With this in mind, he tried to go to the other Sailor Scouts houses to see if they knew that their leader and their princess was missing in action, but his heart broke when he learned that the girls were no where to be found. He tried to look for any clues to where he could find the girls, but aside from the crows that have suffered a headache and Rini's item that she left behind on her desk, he was having bad luck.
Darien was sitting alone in Rini's room after trying to busy himself with schoolwork and making notes to keep the girls' homework for them when they get back. The cats were busy trying to search for any clues, but when they learned that there is
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Journal History

This is just my list of what probably happened in the original FNAF trilogy, and I have my own theories; one of them being what would it be like if the Fifth Child (The one who died in the Missing Children's Incident) had vanished from the Pizzeria after when Mike Schmidt escaped. (It would explain why Golden Freddy's mask was not with the others in the ending sequences of the third game)  Please remember that this is just an Alternate Universe that I have created for fun in the FNAF world.  Also more information will be released soon.

In the Beginning (Date unknown, Fredbears Family Diner)
It is said that Freddy Fazbear's Pizza started out with Fredbear's Family Diner where the employees were getting started in making a big franchise of their company.  The first Animatronics were Fredbear/Golden Freddy and Spring Bonnie, otherwise known as Springtrap and they successfully made the pizza company a success.  The employees thought that this was a good start so they decided to make up some more characters for another restaurant and that was how Freddy Fazbear and Bonnie the bunny got into the picture.  Chica and Foxy came afterward to make the Fazbear crew more different than what Spring Bonnie and Fredbear have.

However, the company didn't think that something terrible would happen to take place at the Diner.  On one night while Fredbear was tasked to give the birthday cake to the children, a little boy was looking in on the party from the window outside crying his eyes out.  To this day, no one knows of why the child was out there in the cold.  Was he mistakenly left behind by his parents?  Did he wander over to the window on his own?  Did he get in trouble with the employees at the Diner?  We don't know for sure, but all that is seen next is when the car pulled up behind the crying child and the Purple Guy came out of the car and killed the little boy in cold blood and left the scene of the crime without anyone noticing him but Fredbear.  (I don't have any idea if the Purple Guy stabbed the boy while he wasn't looking, poisoned him etc.)  As soon as some of the parents were getting ready to leave with their children, one of them spotted the dead body of the child outside of the Diner and it caused everyone to panic.  Fredbear and the rest of the employees tried to calm down the screaming adults but it was no use.  Some of the adults tried to sue the place all because of their careless actions in keeping the murder crime a secret, but the employers dodged a bullet by telling them that they will be more cautious on making sure that everyone is safe at the pizzeria.

The dead child didn't move on like how some adults expected him to, and he possessed one of the Animatronics that is going to one of the new buildings where the New Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria is to take place; the Marionette, or the Puppet.  He then started to form a plan of his own on how to get back at the murderer, but he didn't know where to start on his vengeance until a few years later when the new restaurant came into the picture. 

(The New Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria, Date unknown)
We are introduced to the five Missing Children who vanished from the pizzeria long ago.  Fred, the big boy who wants to be in the spotlight at all times.  Riley, a boy who loves to play guitar and hang around with Fred.  Courtney, a girl who loves anything with food and is the peacemaker of the group.  Todd, the pirate lover and a very loyal friend to whoever needs him and is the rival to Fred, and then there is Ella, a quiet and shy girl who is the special one of the group.

At the beginning, Ella was unsure of how she was going to like Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, but with some encouraging advice from her mom, she slowly warms right up to it.  

(More information coming soon!)

(The Missing Children Incident, Date unknown- Presumed to be in the end of Summer)

Ella spotted Fredbear/Golden Freddy walking around the place as if looking for someone to play with and she eagerly wanted to be his friend like how her mom was a good friend to him when she was a little girl.  Todd and Courtney noticed that Ella was going to do something dangerous by herself and quickly followed her to keep an eye on her.  Feeling a bit jealous over his friends hanging out with Golden Freddy, Fred and Riley followed as well.

They expected for Golden Freddy to be a good friend to them...
They thought wrong.

Fred got killed when he was alone with Golden Freddy in another room and he got stabbed in the head with a knife.  Riley knew that something was up and he tries to beat up the Golden Freddy imposter, but his punches didn't do a thing and he got smashed into the wall hard enough to make his head have a concussion.  Courtney mistakenly eaten some cupcakes that were full of poison and she died a while later.  Todd bravely fought the murderer and managed to give him some serious injuries where Riley had failed at, but he couldn't overpower the murderer and he died with a stab in the chest.  Ella was later killed by a knife on her throat before the Animatronics tried to save them.

(Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria shuts down, a new one takes place where the Toy Animatronics roam the area)
After failing to save the children physically, the Puppet decided to go for a new plan which dealt with having the ghosts of the children to possess the four Animatronics.  He put the masks of the four Animatronics to each kid; Fred with Freddy, Riley with Bonnie, Courtney with Chica, and Todd with Foxy, and put the dead bodies inside of the spring-lock suits, which destroyed their remains in the process.  When the Puppet went to put Ella's dead body inside of the Golden Freddy suit that the murderer discarded, he expected for her to fully posses the Animatronic, but for some strange reason, it didn't go on like all the others to signify that they were possessed.  Thinking that the child was not responding to the spell he cast on her, the Puppet decided to wait it out with the others to see if she will eventually wake up, unaware that she already escaped before he put her body in the suit.

Meanwhile, the employees of Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria decided to update on their Animatronics so that they can better protect the building from unwanted intruders or troublemakers, so they got to work on the Toy Animatronics and modified them to detect facial recognition on anyone who is a serious criminal or someone who wanted to cause trouble.  The Toy Animatronics were a big hit with the adults and the children who came to the Pizzeria to have fun.

Not realizing until later on that she died, Ella, or the Fifth Child as she is called after death, roamed around the Pizzeria trying to find either someone to help her and her friends and to find her mother.  Once she saw how she is a shadow of her former self and when she figured out from a couple of newspaper events that her mother had committed suicide after losing her daughter, the Fifth Child sank into a mourning state and hid herself in the office area underneath the desk.  She didn't know if she would ever see her friends again, but she hoped that they moved on to a better place.  She wasn't aware of what happened in the Parts/Services room.

(Protecting Jeremy and the Bite of '87)

Upon hearing some people talking in the office area, the Fifth Child woke up and took a peek at who was in the room with her.  One of the guys was the boss of the company talking to a young teenage boy by the name of Jeremy as they talked over what he is bound to do in his new job.  The Fifth Child was unsure about Jeremy at first, but when she was alone with him in the office, she was glad to have some sort of semblance of sanity for her to talk to him, even if he didn't realize that she was there with him.

On the first night shift, she didn't notice until later that something was off about how the Toy Animatronics were trying to gang up on Jeremy as if he was the intruder of the building.  She protected him against the robots and hoped that it would come to pass that the robots would leave him alone.

But on the second night shift, she looked on in horror that the old Animatronics, the ones she knew from when she was alive, began to pursue Jeremy and try to kill him.  It was then that she spotted the ghosts of her former friends who got killed with her as they were working the Withered Animatronics, she was horrified at what they were going to do.

She confronted the Puppet later as he tried to make her see that what they were doing was good and that they are doing this so that it will lure the Purple Guy straight to them.  But the Fifth Child was not convinced that it would work.  She even felt betrayed that her friends believe in the Puppet's plan and that they wanted her to join them.  She fought to protect Jeremy from becoming a victim to the Animatronics, despite the other ghost children's growing aggressive behavior to keep her out of the way and finish the job themselves.  
She got angry over the Puppet and possessed Jeremy against the Puppet's wishes, (Since that he wanted her to possess the Golden Freddy suit, but she made it clear that she doesn't want to be near that bear ever again in her life), and fought against her former friends throughout night three, four, and five.  She even helped Jeremy dodge his death against the hands of the Golden Freddy suit, who was wakening up over her active pursuit of keeping Jeremy safe.

After protecting Jeremy on the sixth night of his swift, the Fifth Child stayed with him throughout the day, trying to keep a close eye on him to keep him safe from harm.  But what she and Jeremy didn't know was that something terrible would happen on that birthday party that the employees could no longer snake their way out of the lawsuit.

While he was staying close to Toy Freddy, Toy Bonnie and Toy Chica, Jeremy didn't see until a moment later that something was off about Mangle.  The kid who was playing with the Animatronic didn't know that the robot was severely damaged to a point where it could bite back at any moment.  Before Mangle could lunge in for a bite on the kid, Jeremy rushed over and pushed the kid away, only to get bitten by the robot in a bloody fight to keep the robot away from the kid.

Once the adults figured out what was going on, they screamed, grabbed their kids out of the room and ran from the building.  Some of the adults called the hospital and the police on what happened.  
(A smaller Pizzeria takes place, and Phone Guy's death)
(Mike Schmidt enters the picture and the Fifth Child's escape)

The Fifth Child wasn't too sure about how Mike was going to handle the whole thing, thinking that sooner or later he will meet the same fate as the Phone Guy, but over the first three nights she thought that Mike did pretty well to fend for himself, despite the Animatronics growing aggressive behavior to finish him off.  On the fourth night Mike got her to regain her fighting spirit to hold off the Animatronics until the Fifth night was over.  

More Info coming soon!
(After when Fazbear's Fright burns down)
(Foxy believes that Vixey is the Fifth Child, she however doesn't believe it)
(The kidnapping)
(Fixing their relationships)


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Even though I don't own the characters of the stories I bring to life, they are still MY STORIES so I don't want to see any human on earth try to take my story and claim it as your own GOT IT!?

My stories are my pride and joy and I really do my best to work hard on each of them to bring true entertainment to the readers. If (by request) that you want to draw something that inspires you from my story, or if you want me to picture one of the scenes I have in my stories, you will have to ask me first before doing it, okay? Also you have to ask me first if you plan on anything with my stories like posting them on another website and such.

Most of the stories you might be reading on here will be with Creeppasta's since that I am beginning to be inspired by new different ideas on what to do with them. On my fanfiction account, I have many other stories I have created and most of them are inspired by video games or movies that I like. You can either read them on my fanfiction account or you can choose to read the ones I have on here. Don't be shy now, my stories are not going to bite.

Here is a list of some Creepypasta stories that you will be seeing from me.

1. My Bad Boy- My very first and most popular fanfic dealing with my favorite Creepypasta character Sonic.exe. :icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz:

2. The Killer Duo- My second Creepypasta story that takes place an a alternate world where the best known Creepypasta's are the good guys instead of being the bad guys we all know and love. :icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz:

This is a Ship War Free Zone! Respect my pairings, and I'll respect yours!
I also do not want anyone on here to copy my work on my writing or on my pictures, so please do not even THINK about stealing from me! :icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz:

Respect my pairings and my likes, while I respect yours without causing a huge fuss over it. Fussing over a pairing or something that you don't like is not worth complaining over.

List of requests, stories or things that I will do next: (Warning- This list will change randomly.)

1. Next chapter of The Killer Duo
2. Collab story with HauntedByTheLight
3. Make a new story for Sonamy.exe
4. Next chapter of The Missing 5th Child
5. make some Legend of Zelda pictures
6. Make a story with my Sonic.exe fan children.
7. Make Sailor Saturn and the 8 Mistresses story
8. Make The Black Sailor Scouts as a story

Here is a list of my story chapters and how far it will be until it is posted( Warning, this list is bound to change the moment I work on some of them):
1). Sailor Amazons ch.3 (35% done)

2). The Killer Duo ch. 14 (25% done)

3). The Good Old Memories, ch.6 (15%)

4). The Missing 5th Child, ch.5 (0%)

List of the dates when I will work on the chapters:

Monday- Sailor Amazons, The Missing 5th Child, the Good Old Memories

Tuesday- The Good Old Memories, Sailor Amazons, The Killer Duo

Wednesday- The Killer Duo, The Missing 5th Child, The Good Old Memories

Thursday- The Killer Duo, The Good Old Memories, The Missing 5th Child

Friday- Sailor Amazons, The Killer Duo, The Good Old Memories

Saturday and Sunday- The Missing 5th Child

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