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Brainwashed Zelda by Lovely-Girl-10 Brainwashed Zelda by Lovely-Girl-10
I finally got something done for my favorite game series Legend of Zelda, this picture however is apart of an animation series called Legend of Zelda Hero Returns.  It is a very well done animation series of Legend of Zelda and I love it so much.Love   Spikerman87 is the main creator of the animation series and he made a sequel series called Coolo Ecilpso and is now working on Seven Dark Sorcerors.  I suggest you give him a look.  You will enjoy it like how I did.

In case you don't understand why the heck Zelda is turned into this form, she is turned like that because Ganondorf used a spell to make her fall under his control.  The spell makes her turn against Link and successfully kills him in the end, (Her first brainwashed form Shiek only could injure him and her second offical brainwashed form in Episode 24 of the series failed to kill Link because Zelda aimed the arrow off.)  Her eyes turn red and there are glowing gold pupils in the center of her eyes and her hair appears to belonger while she is in this form.  Her clothing mostly glows pure white with some specks of gold running along her body and her black pants are replaced by a leafy skirt, which later signify's to one of the golden goddesses appearances later in the series.  Not sure what to call the strange wire that is wrapped around her arms and legs, but I am gonna leave it at that for now.  Also the blood tear is mostly shown in the end of the fight where Zelda tries to hold back the spell long enough so that Link could kill her to end Ganon's hold on her, but he doesn't and he gets killed in the end of the episode. 

The image of this brainwashed Zelda can be found in this episode right here.  Zelda Hero Returns Episode 40 by ZeldaHeroReturns

Zelda belongs with Nintendo
This 2nd version of brainwashed Zelda belongs to Spikerman87 
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April 6, 2015
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